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–Jim Wright, Vice-President

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About Tape Specialists of Georgia, Inc.

Tape Specialists of Georgia, Inc. is a Master Converter/Preferred Converter of pressure sensative tapes. Including Foam Tapes, Mounting Tapes, Adhesives, & Protective Packaging products. These are available in slit roll form, die cuts, long length spools. Tape Specialists of Ga., Inc. started as a distributor of pressure sensative commodity tapes (1983) and has evolved into a facility that has die cutting, spooling, slit re-winding, assembly, sewing capabilities. We service all major markets including Automotive, Electronics, Refrigeration, Window & Door, Lighting, Marine, and much more.

Each market requires its own unique groups of producst like buzz, squeak, & rattle, acrylic mounting tapes, urethane mounting tapes, protective covers, protective films, just to service the Automotive and Automotive -After Market industry. Electronics may require kapton, wire harness, mylar, electroplating tapes etc... If it requires tape or adhesives, vibration dampening, sound deadening, high temp masking or just packaging, Tape Specialists has the products.

Tape Specialists of Ga., Inc. is an equal opportunity employer with an emphasis on employee satisfaction. We are a family that "Sticks" together.

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